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META Design is an independent home-decor design brand of Comfort Lighting, which devotes to product design and brand promotion. Originated from the concept of “META” in Greek, which means “about”, “beyond” or “higher level than … in logicality”, META Design explores the connection between function and life. Under the cover of design and esthetics, the product is provided with thick connotation, thought of brand expectation and value-related metaphysical performance.

Though what we design is lighting fixture, what we really wan to talk about is “light”. We hope META’s products can naturally and pleasantly come into our life, making users feel the light is wonderful and romantic, then get to notice the elegance of this lighting fixture, and found the relationship between light and lighting fixture is so beautiful and fascinating. This is so called our natural, low-keyed esthetics concept, looking like simple, in fact it is not.